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How many millions is a millisecond worth?

It pays to get there first.

There are a lot of players in the market looking to capitalize on the craze for low latency microwave networks between New York City and Chicago. But is that where your firm's strengths are?

Windy Apple Technologies invented low latency microwave networking back in 2009. WAT developed and built the first faster-than-fiber, point-to-point path from NYC to Chicago. While others were relying on third-party solutions, our research team developed low-latency improvements in existing system designs and deployed that science into a network faster than anyone thought possible.

Theoretical to practical is what we do.

Ever considered what you could do with the fastest route from Seattle to markets in Asia? NYC to Toronto, Chicago or linking all three? WAT has the team ready to deploy the fastest network ever built to connect the markets that make the most sense for your firm.

Through innovative advancements in microwave technology, WAT introduced the highest level of latency reduction that the rest of the competition is racing to replicate. WAT has ready-to-deploy solutions and a team with years of experience at every step to meet these needs head-on. No one else compounds expertise in modeling microwave signal propagation, frequency coordination, original FPGA development, advanced network engineering, and tower structural analysis.

We're ready to apply our technology and expertise to build the lowest latency network among the markets in which you need to be first and fastest.

In trading operations, WAT understands how critical it is for you to lead the way. Do you really want to work with second-rate partners in speed, reliability and constant innovation?

Work with the team thatís first to get there.

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